Good News Regarding Arizona Car Accident Fatalities

While car accidents may be on the rise due to increasingly distracting driving habits, we are happy to hear the news that fatalities in Arizona have decreased in 2009. As drivers on Arizona’s highways ourselves, we encourage all on the road to put down the cell phones and focus on the road ahead.

Arizona’s Department of Transportation did a study that found the number of car accident fatalities to have fallen in 2009 (Associated Press via ABC 15 9/28/10). In 2008, Arizona lost 938 lives to traffic accidents. Last year, there were only 807 deaths due to accidents, which equates to only 1.3 fatalities per million miles traveled, which has decreased from 1.5 in 2008. The study finds that the increasing presence of rumble strips on the sides of the highways to keep people on the roads have helped in this reduction. Traffic education, increased enforcement, and quicker emergency response times have also reduced in the number of fatalities.

Emergency response times are sometimes the difference between a saved life and a lost life. Most metro areas do not track average response times beyond travel time from the dispatch center to the patient’s location. When you are in or you witness an accident, it is important to place the emergency call as soon as possible to get emergency crews en route.

Other important things to do after an accident include:

• Exchanging information—not only insurance but contact information. If you can get a copy of the other driver’s license, that is even better.
• Take pictures—most cell phones, while at fault for causing many accidents themselves, are helpful after an accident because they typically have an embedded camera. Take photos of not only your car, but the other driver’s car, wreckage on the street, skid marks, and all surroundings to pinpoint the location.
• Never leave the scene before having a police officer fill out an accident report. Without a report, there is no record of it ever happening, and you may face difficulty receiving insurance coverage for necessary items such as a rental, repairs, or minor medical bills.

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