Laws Banning Texting While Driving May Increase Accident Rates

Multitasking may be one of the best advantages to having opposable thumbs. However, while driving, those thumbs should remain on the wheel and not on a Qwerty keyboard. In Arizona, there is no ban on texting while driving except in the city of Phoenix. As Arizona car accident attorneys, we hope all drivers keep 100% of their attention on the road in front of them and around them.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a study on the effectiveness of texting bans (USA Today via AZ Central 9/28/10). Thirty states and the District of Columbia have a ban on texting while driving. The Insurance Institute found that the bans have not decreased the number of accidents at all; in fact, they found rates had risen in three states. Instead of refraining from texting, drivers now may be focusing more on hiding the fact to evade the police, which lowers their eyes from the road even more, and for longer periods of time.

There are many distractions drivers must juggle while on the road, many of which can not be avoided. One action that can be controlled is cell phone use. While texting bans may not be as effective as many originally thought, the practice is still very dangerous. The No Phone Zone project says 16 people every day are killed due to distracted drivers and encourages drivers to declare their cars “no phone zones” to prevent distracted driving. To take the pledge, visit

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