Mesa, Arizona DUI Suspect had 4-year old Sister in Car

It is always important to drive carefully, but when children are in the car, you are responsible for their safety as well, so you must be even more conscious of your actions. As parents and car accident attorneys, we hope all children travel safely.

A car driving without headlights on Wednesday night in Mesa alerted the police to a very unsafe situation for one 4-year old girl. They found a 20-year old female driver and her 4-year old sister, sitting in the backseat without a booster seat (AZ Central 9/16/10). The driver had bloodshot eyes and smelled of marijuana. She admitted to having smoked earlier in the day and to having some of the drug on her person. Luckily the girls were not involved in any accidents, but the driver was arrested for driving under the influence.

Driving skills can be impaired by many things. The most common reason for impairment is alcohol usage, but marijuana, prescription drugs, and other illegal drugs can greatly reduce driving skills. Fatigue is a common impairment as well, with effects similar to drunk driving, such as drifting across lanes, tailgating, and speeding. Even over the counter drugs such as allergy, cough and cold medications can impair a driver. When taking an over the counter drug that warns of drowsiness, it helps to take the drug on a full stomach so the fatigue effect is not as potent.

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