Mother and Daughter Crash into Phoenix Canal

Defensive driving is touted in car insurance commercials as a practice that can lower your rates, but it can do so much more than that. As Arizona drivers ourselves, we encourage everyone to do all they can to safely avoid accidents. No one purposely gets into a car accident, but you can purposely prevent one.

A Phoenix woman and her daughter luckily walked away without injuries after their car ran into a canal (AZ Family 9/16/10). The woman was trying to avoid a hubcap that had come off another car and heading her way, and the sun was in her eyes. The car plunged into the canal and had to be removed by tow truck. We are happy to hear everyone is okay, thanks to the quick avoidance move by the mother.

Courses teaching defensive driving are available across the valley. Sometimes after getting a ticket, drivers are sent to complete the course, but it is a great program to complete for you to become a safer driver. There are teen-specific programs, parent programs to help you teach your child, and programs for different class drivers. For those of you curious to take the course for your own benefit, the National Safety Council offers the Defensive Driving Course on Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving, which will help you connect your attitudes with your behavior behind the wheel. More information can be found at

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