Smell-Check for Faulty Propane Tank Leakages

As Arizona personal injury lawyers, it is important to warn that injury can be very serious with propane tanks. Grilling season is in full bloom, and propane tanks are being filled at a fast pace. While it may produce a great flavor in your burgers, propane-fueled grills can also be very dangerous.

At the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds over the weekend, an explosion caused by a propane leak seriously burned two women and caused damage to their trailer (Associated Press via Arizona Republic 9/6/10). One of the women lit a candle in the trailer, which ignited the leaking propane.

It is not known if the tank was properly shut off or if there was a faulty seal, but such an event always brings to mind the dangers of propane tanks.

After using a propane tank, make sure it is turned off tightly. It is possible that there might be a faulty seal that would cause a leak, so it is important to be aware of any strange smells in the area. Propane has a distinct smell to alert those nearby of its presence. If there is ever a propane or gas smell in your home, you should evacuate and notify your nearby fire department to check it out. Never light a fire or make sparks of any kind due to propane’s high inflammability.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a fire possibly caused by a faulty propane tank leakage, call us at Breyer Law for a free, informative, and thorough evaluation. We may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve from the manufacturer who let such a dangerous product on the market. We’re available and ready to help you, please call (602) 267-1280.

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