Surprise, Arizona Child Sustains Head Injuries, Hospitalized after Car Accident in School Zone

Driving at a slower speed in school zones leads to quicker stopping times in case a child crosses a road unexpectedly. Most intersections house crossing guards during school hours to stop traffic for crossing students. As parents and car accident attorneys, we support the efforts of school crossing guards in helping to make school zones safer for children.

Unfortunately for a nine year old boy in Surprise, his ride home from school Thursday afternoon was a dangerous one. He was not wearing a helmet when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. He was flown to the hospital with head injuries and his status is not known at this time (AZ Central 9/9/10). The cause of the crash is not known yet, but speeding has been ruled out.

We sympathize with parents who find it difficult to convince their children of the importance of wearing a helmet. Some children find them cumbersome or “uncool,” but it is essential to their safety that, as parents, you are persistent in your message. Nothing works better to convince them than your own example. Also try pointing out to your child how common helmets are among professional athletes like hockey players, football players, and racecar drivers. A bike race is also a great place for children to see professional athletes sporting the latest safety gear. If children are taught from early on that wearing helmets are “cool” and safe, they will be more likely to wear them. Just because a child is not wearing a helmet though does not mean the bike accident was the child’s fault. There currently is a law in Arizona; however, that all parents should be aware of that states that all children must wear a bike helmet when riding their bike.

While no safety gear renders injury impossible, they significantly reduce the severity of injury. If your child has been injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, please call us for a free consultation. We may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve as the experienced attorneys at Breyer Law. As parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to see your child hurt. Call us at (602) 267-1280 for an informative, thorough consultation.

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