Swimming Safety Precautions – Children Must Be Watched At All Times Around Pools and Other Water Areas

As parents ourselves, a recent story by AZ Central out of San Tan Valley deeply saddened us. A 3-yr old boy drowned in a backyard pool while his family swam and talked nearby. This is an all-too tragic reminder to parents that you can not take your eyes off your child for even a minute. Most tragedies with little children seem to happen with loving families and too often they are when festivities are occurring. Many people can be judgmental about parents in these situations and we urge everyone not to judge the actions of parents.

Most children love the water and may be overconfident in their swimming abilities. Parents must always be careful not to discourage the child but keep a quiet eye nearby should something happen.

To prevent a swimming accident, it is best to try to get your kids to swim at as young age as possible. We advise enrolling your children in basic swimming classes to teach survival skills in the water. Even if a child has completed one of these courses, it is important to still keep watch, as a child may fatigue quickly, creating a dangerous situation. Provide adequate safety floats and always check to make sure they are appropriately inflated to remain effective.

As this sad story has shown us, even though all precautions may be taken, accidents may still happen. Safety floats, pool alarms, and gates sometimes fail, sometimes leading to very unfortunate situations.

If your child has been injured by a faulty swimming safety product or hurt in another way due to the negligence of another individual, as experienced and caring attorneys at Breyer Law we may be able to help your family seek compensation. Call (602) 267-1280 for a free consultation.

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