11 Year Old Girl Killed by Teen Driver While Riding Bike

As parents and Mesa bike accident attorneys, we hate to hear of fatal accidents involving individuals of all ages, but it hits even closer to home if a child dies. No parent should have to deal with the loss of a child.

An innocent family bike ride Tuesday evening with a father and his daughters turned fatal when his 11 year old daughter fell behind the two and was hit by a car (AZ Family 10/27/10). The teen driver was passing the car in front of him, didn’t see the little girl, and fatally struck her.

We can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for the family involved in that situation. Our thoughts are with the parents, family, and friends of this little girl.

Dusk is one of the most dangerous times of day for bicyclists and pedestrians. 70% of fatal bike and car accidents happen between 2 and 8pm (Safe Kids USA 2009). In 2005, 14,000 child injuries were reported involving a bike and car accident. Many injuries and deaths could be prevented with an appropriate helmet. Safe Kids USA have found that helmet usage could reduce the risk of head injury by 85% and severe brain injury by 88% (2005). If all children between 4 and 15 wore a helmet while bicycling, 135-155 lives could be spared every year. Take a moment today to remind your children about bicycling safety—we know we will.

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