Arizona Boat Accident Awareness – Tempe Town Lake to Offer Rental Boats

Many people find that the most fun they have is while they are on the water. Boating has become a sort of culture all its own and now anyone can rent a boat to be a part of it. As Arizona boat accident attorneys, we want everyone to enjoy themselves while in or near water, but also to remember the hazards that may surround them.

Starting on October 30th, Boat Rentals of America will be offering boats to rent at Tempe Town Lake (KPHO 10/11/10). They have several kinds of boats available, including kayaks, hydro bikes, electric boats, and fishing boats. Some boats are big enough to fit an entire family.

While many will enjoy these boats safely, there are some who may not act with safety in mind at all times. Boating accidents in Arizona are frequently caused by drivers who don’t know how to operate a boat properly, or do not follow boating regulations, especially in regards to consuming alcohol.

Drinking alcohol and driving a boat is prohibited, as it presents the same risks as drinking alcohol and driving a car. Alcohol-inhibited drivers put themselves and other boaters at risk by driving recklessly on the water. Riders may be thrown overboard by an aggressive driver, and if the rider is impaired, they may have an increased risk of drowning due to the slower reaction time.

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