Arizona Tour Bus Crash Kills 2

A family vacation means fun in the sun, photo opportunities, and embarrassing moments. Most families don’t think of the dangers they face while on vacation, even though they are the same dangers they face at home, like car accidents or trip and fall injuries, only sometimes even more amplified.

On Sunday, a tour bus heading from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon drifted off the road and rolled several times (Arizona Republic via AZ Central 10/17/10). Two of the eleven passengers were killed, and several more were seriously injured. Information regarding the identities of the riders or the cause of the accident is not yet available. No other vehicles were involved.

Tour bus drivers face the same challenges as large truck drivers. Frequently traveling across the country and through the night leads to fatigue. Truck drivers are required to log a certain amount of hours of sleep every day, and are not allowed to drive over 10 consecutive hours without 8 consecutive hours of rest. How much do you know about driver fatigue? Try some of the true or false questions below, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:
1. Coffee overcomes the effects of drowsiness while driving. (T or F)
2. I can tell when I’m going to go to sleep. (T or F)
3. Rolling down my window or singing along with the radio will keep me awake. (T or F)
4. I’m a safe driver so it doesn’t matter if I’m sleepy. (T or F)
5. You can stockpile sleep on the weekends. (T or F)
6. Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night. (T or F)
7. Being sleepy makes you misperceive things. (T or F)
8. Young people need less sleep. (T or F)
9. Wandering, disconnected thoughts are a warning sign of driver fatigue. (T or F)
10. Little green men in the middle of the road may mean the driver is too tired to drive. (T or F)
11. On a long trip, the driver should never take a break but try to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible. (T or F)
12. A microsleep lasts four or five seconds. (T or F)
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