Glendale May be Next Arizona City to Ban Texting and Driving

Distracted driving caused 6,000 deaths across the country in 2008 (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). In Glendale, Arizona alone, nearly 1 in 4 accidents are caused by distracted drivers (Arizona Republic via AZ Central 10/24/10).

The Glendale City Council is expected to pass a texting while driving ban this fall, becoming only the second city in Arizona after Phoenix to do so (Arizona Republic via AZ Central 10/24/10). While some argue it is impossible to enforce, the ban permits authorities to pull over drivers they spot who are texting and issue a fine, starting at $100.

Phoenix’s ban on texting while driving has lead to 67 citations and 53 drivers found guilty in court. The overall impact on accident statistics is not yet known as there isn’t enough data available.

While several studies done in states with texting bans have found accidents have actually increased since they have been enforced, AAA Arizona states that these types of laws take a few years to become effective.

Distracted driving is something that drivers can reduce themselves by making smart, safe choices to reduce their distractions. Some smart phones have come out with auto-replies that will respond to texts for you if you’re driving, and other applications read your texts to you and allow you to speak your response. These applications are helpful but they do not solve the problem. The best solution to prevent distracted driving is to put your distractions on hold while driving. Your first and only priority should be to get from point A to point B safely.

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