National Teen Driving Safety Week

The first thing a teen thinks of on his or her 16th birthday is getting behind the wheel. It is a milestone that many teens will barely pass this year due to car accidents. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, teens crash four times more often than any other age group. On Saturday in Chandler, Arizona, teens will be taught how to not become a statistic, focusing on the dangers of distracted driving.

Last week, a Family Driving Challenge was held at Firebird Raceway, a precursor to this weekend’s events to promote National Teen Driving Safety Week. Eleven valley teens participated in a distracted driving course to demonstrate the reality of the dangers of distracted driving (Arizona Republic via AZ Central 10/12/10). Teens were instructed to drive through a traffic cone course while texting, listening to loud music, and talking with a passenger. The program is designed to encourage families to restrict or prohibit distractions in the car. A driver who sends a text while driving is impaired as much as a driver who has consumed four beers, yet an alcohol-impaired individual will get pulled over, ticketed, and possibly jailed; and a texting driver may continue on to cause a fatal accident (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

As difficult as it may be, it is well known that children learn by example, so try making changes to your habits today to keep yourself and your children safe.

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