Over 10 Million Toys Recalled For Threat of Injury

Finding toys that will entertain our children is difficult enough considering the particularities of each child. When the popular toys on the store shelves are deemed hazardous to the health of our children, it creates doubt in the integrity and safety of all toys. As parents as well as product liability attorneys, we are discriminating in the toys we select for our children and encourage all parents to examine the entire construction of toys for strength, durability, and potential hazards.

Popular toy manufacturer, Fisher-Price, is recalling over 10 million toys due to risks of injury (KPHO 9/30/10). The recall includes 7 million tricycles, 1 million high chairs, nearly 3 million play sets, and 100,000 small toy cars.

The tricycles have a key that sticks out near the seat that children may sit or fall on, possibly causing lower body injuries. So far, 10 reports of injuries have come in, including 6 children who needed medical attention.

The high chairs have pegs on the back to store the tray but when it is not in storage, children may fall on the pegs and cause injury. There have been 14 injuries reported, including 7 children who received stitches.

The play sets include several “Baby Playzone” toys, “Baby Gymnastics Play Wall” toys, “Ocean Wonders Kick & Crawl Aquarium” toys, “1-2-3 Tetherball” toys, and “Bat & Score Goal” toys. These toys have an inflatable ball with a valve that can come out and pose a chocking hazard. Over 50 faulty valves have been reported.

The toy cars are part of the “Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway.” The wheels may come off and cause a choking hazard.

For more information on the products included in this recall, you can visit Fisher Price’s website, www.service.mattel.com.

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