Phoenix Train and Truck Accident

As Phoenix truck accident attorneys, we see all-too-often the disastrous results of an inattentive or otherwise distracted truck driver who hits another vehicle. Eighteen-wheel haulers have a lot of weight behind them and can take longer to stop because of the momentum. Trains are very similar to trucks, only on a much larger scale.

A truck and train accident in Phoenix left a tanker truck on its side, but luckily no one was injured. The tipped truck started leaking some substance at the scene but it was determined not to be hazardous. The cause of the accident is still unknown at this time, but the photos show that it did occur at an intersection, so it is possible that the truck was crossing the tracks at the time of the accident.

There are nearly 2,000 train accidents in the U.S. every year (Federal Railroad Administration 2010). Train crossings are frequently the site of accidents as cars try to pass over the tracks to beat the train, and nearly 2,000 individuals are killed or injured in train crossings. Trains weigh nearly 4,000 times the weight of an average car, so even at seemingly slower speeds below 30 miles an hour can be fatal, like a car crushing a soda can. Trains can take up to a mile or to come to a complete stop, so even if you can spot a train coming from a distance, never assume that they can see you or be able to stop in time.

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