Two Gilbert Women Suffer Dog Bites

As dog lovers and Arizona dog bite attorneys, we see the best and worst of these lovable pets every day. With the right care, training, and preparedness, dogs can indeed be man’s best friend. However, if any one of those things goes astray, there could be a dangerous situation.

In Gilbert on Wednesday, a large bloodhound escaped from his owner’s yard and attacked two female neighbors (ABC 15 10/21/10). A police officer responding to the scene shot at the dog because he reportedly started charging at him as he was trying to protect one of the victims, and the dog was later put down at the request of the owner. One woman was treated at the scene while the other had to go to the hospital.

In Arizona, the statute of limitations gives you two years to file a notice of claim, but in dog bite cases, it is best to act within the first year. During the first year following a dog bite injury, the dog owner has full liability, even if it was the first attack by the dog. After the first year, owners may have other defenses available.

Things to remember when you are approached by a strange dog:
• Don’t panic. Stay still and don’t react to it. They will eventually bore of you and move on. Yelling, making sudden, aggressive movements will only agitate it further, increasing your chance of injury.
• Look for signs of aggression—Is it bearing its teeth? Tucking its tail or yawning? These are all signs of an agitated dog. Take caution.

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