Another Pedestrian Killed in Phoenix

What is going on in Phoenix? The pedestrian death toll seems to be on the rise. As Phoenix pedestrian accident attorneys, we are tired of seeing these innocent lives lost due to the negligence of these drivers. We plead with all the drivers out there to please devote all your attention to the road in front of you! Arizona needs to shed this 8th place ranking for the worst pedestrian fatality rate—it starts with one driver making a conscious change, will it be you?

A Phoenix man, 87 years old, died on Wednesday night after being hit by an SUV while crossing the street (AZ Family 11/17/10). He was not in a crosswalk at the time of the accident. The driver stayed at the scene, and for that we are thankful, but the police are suspecting impairment to have been a factor. The victim’s family said he had been suffering from dementia, and they do not know why he had left the house or why he was trying to cross the street.

Most at risk for pedestrian accidents are adults aged 65 years and older (Center for Disease Control and Prevention 6/17/10). They account for 18% of all pedestrian deaths and 10% of all injuries to pedestrians. Nearly once every two hours, someone dies in a pedestrian accident in the U.S. (CDC 6/17/10). Impairment greatly increases these chances, as does the speed of the driver. 48% of pedestrian deaths involved an alcohol-impaired driver. This is unacceptable. Please, drivers, drink responsibly and never drink and drive! You’ll save your own life and the lives of many others with this simple choice.

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