Cave Creek Truck Accident Kills Motorcyclist

As Cave Creek motorcycle accident attorneys, we hate to hear about tragedy striking innocent riders. In 2008, 5,290 motorcyclists were killed and 96,000 more suffered injuries in traffic accidents (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Arizona alone saw 133 riders lose their lives (NHTSA 2008).

On Tuesday in Cave Creek, one motorcyclist was killed and three others were critically injured (Arizona Republic via AZ Central 11/16/10). The exact details of the accident are still under investigation, but witnesses say there were two motorcycles involved, each with two riders, and a truck in a serious accident. The truck driver was not injured. None of the motorcycle riders were reported to be wearing helmets, and impairment is believed not to have been a factor.

Did you know that per mile traveled, motorcyclists have a 37% more likely chance of being killed in an accident than someone riding in a car (NHTSA 2007)? Riders can take precautionary actions to avoid becoming one of these devastating statistics. Safety equipment such as helmets, body protectors, gloves, and boots, are common ways to protect a rider in case of an accident. However, how does a rider avoid even needing this secondary protection? Defensive driving is key in being a safe motorcycle rider.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has created these videos to promote motorist awareness with some of the most common locations for motorcycle-car collisions. You can view these videos on their website at: We hope they will be helpful to both drivers and riders alike to be aware of each other while sharing the road.

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