Drunk Driver Causes 3-Car Accident in Chandler

Impaired driving, with blood-alcohol concentration levels at or above the legal limit of .08, is the cause of 59% of fatal accidents in Arizona (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fatality Analysis Reporting System 2009). Can you believe that? Over half of all fatal accidents are caused by impaired drivers. This is completely unacceptable. All these accidents and deaths could have been prevented had the impaired driver made the choice to stay home, have a designated driver, or use a taxi service instead of getting behind the wheel.

A suspected impaired driver is to blame for a three car accident in Chandler last Tuesday night (KPHO 11/17/10). The 30 year old female driver, currently being investigated for DUI, rear-ended a car, sending her car and the other into the middle of an intersection. A third vehicle became involved when it rear-ended the impaired driver’s vehicle. When the drunk driver got out of her car, she was hit by this third vehicle, requiring immediate surgery but she is expected to recover. The other two drivers were treated for minor injuries.

Luckily no lives were lost this time due to the negligence of this impaired driver. But with the holidays right around the corner, it is even more important to be aware and make safe choices. The roadways will be more crowded in the coming days as families travel to be with each other and to celebrate the festivities. This means there will be more impaired drivers on the roads. Please be careful out there and have a safe Thanksgiving this week.

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