Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in Prescott

As Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys, we encourage all riders to make safe choices. Now it is their choice to wear a helmet or not, but did you know about the unwritten “helmet law?”

In Arizona, if a motorcyclist is injured in an accident and his or her injuries could have been prevented with a helmet, the at-fault driver could avoid paying out! Even though there is no law requiring helmet use, the courts have established this “case precedent” that punishes riders who make the choice not to wear one.

A man in Prescott Valley suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident last Saturday night (ABC 15 11/24/10). He was riding his motorcycle, hit the brakes and skid 45 feet until his bike fell on its side and slid an additional 100 feet into a drainage ditch and into a front yard. He was ejected from the bike in the crash and he was not wearing a helmet. Authorities say he was inexperienced with the bike, didn’t have his license, and it was his second time riding.

Just like learning how to drive a car, riding a bike requires practice and teaching. There are many courses out there that teach inexperienced and experienced riders alike how to stay safe and in one piece on the roads. Check out T.E.A.M. Arizona or RideSmart Motorcycle Training online for information about schedules and locations near you.

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