Pedestrian Wheelchair Accident Kills Motorcyclist in Phoenix

Pedestrian accidents usually leave pedestrians seriously injured, and not the driver. But in a strange turn of events, two pedestrians are unharmed after an encounter with a motorcycle rider, who lost his life on Friday morning.

In an effort to save the lives of two others, a motorcyclist died in Phoenix early Friday morning (AZ 11/5/10). A man in a motorized wheelchair was towing a man in a non-motorized chair down on the side of an unlit road, as there was no sidewalk, when the motorcyclist came up, tried to avoid the men, and lost control. There were no other injuries.

Specifics of the motorcyclist’s injuries have not been released, nor is it known if he was wearing a helmet. If it turns out that he was not wearing a helmet and his fatal injuries could have been prevented had he worn one, his family may face difficulties receiving compensation for his death.

Arizona does not require licensed riders over 18 years of age to wear a helmet, but there is an unwritten court precedent that results in denied compensation for injured riders who choose not to wear one. When a rider is injured in an accident while not wearing a helmet and his or her injuries could have been prevented with a helmet, negligent drivers may be able to avoid paying the full amount of medical bills or damages. The unwritten helmet law has left many riders and their families without their full compensation. The choice is up to you as the rider, but it is important to be aware of the actuality of this unwritten helmet law.

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