Police Chase Ends in Fatal Roll-over Accident

As southern Arizona car accident attorneys, it is very upsetting to hear about a fatal accident killing an innocent man as a result of a police chase. It is hard to prevent accidents like these because they are unpredictable. Drivers can take precautions to be more prepared and on the lookout for possible threats such as these.

On Thursday morning, a man was killed in a car accident on the I-10 after another vehicle crashed into his pickup truck, causing both cars to flip (KPHO 11/11/10). The other vehicle was involved in a high speed police chase when he ran into the pick up truck. Both vehicles then rolled over and the driver of the pickup truck was killed at the scene. The driver who was pursued by the police then fled the scene on foot, but witnesses identified him and he was taken into custody.

Thankfully the driver that caused this fatal accident was caught immediately and brought to justice, but all-too-often, victims are left without anyone to blame in hit-and-run accidents. That’s why we’ve started to sponsor a hit and run tip line that offers up to $1,000 reward for information leading to the felony arrest and conviction of a hit and run driver. Check it out at:

Accidents like these cannot be predicted but there are precautions to take to better protect you on the road. If you hear any police sirens make sure to pull over as soon as possible so you do not find yourself in the middle of a high-speed police chase. Arizona has a “move over” law that requires drivers to change lanes away from a stopped or pursuing authority, and failing to do so could result not only in a serious injury but trouble with the law. Always be aware of your surroundings by limiting distractions.

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