Serious Accident in Gilbert Injures 4

As parents and Gilbert car accident attorneys, we hate to hear about children suffering injuries in accidents. We take extra precautions as parents to keep them safe and healthy, like securing them in car seats, inspecting all toys for choking hazards, and making them wear helmets or other safety equipment when playing outside. It is the things that are out of our control, however, that typically pose the most risk for injury.

On Sunday in Gilbert, a pick up truck collided with a family of four in a station wagon (Arizona Republic via AZ Central 11/22/10). The mother, 25 years old, and one child, 2 years old, were seriously injured, while the father, 30 years, and second child, 5 years old, had minor injuries.

The accident is still under investigation as to its causes. It is not known yet as to whether or not the children were in car or booster seats.

Did you know that children in a properly installed car or booster seat have an 80% lower risk of fatal injury than unrestrained children (Safe Kids USA 2009)? However, an improperly installed car seat may pose more harm than not having one at all. A study done observing 3,442 car and booster seats found 73% of them to have at least one critical misuse, rendering them useless (Safe Kids USA 2009). There are many free car seat inspection locations, such as fire departments, AAA, and police departments—try to bring yours to be checked if you haven’t already done so recently to ensure your children are as safe as possible.

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