Two Injured in a 2-Vehicle Crash in Scottsdale

Did you know that the risk of dying in a motorcycle accident is 21% higher than in car collisions? Statistics show that every year more than 50,000 are injured and about 2,000 die in motorcycle accidents in the United States. In 2001, speeding was said to be the primary reason of fatal motorcycle collisions, which accounted to 39%. On the other hand, comparing to the car and truck drivers, alcohol-related accidents in motorcycles were 37% higher.

Two additional motorcycle injuries were yet be included in the list after a two-vehicle collision was witnessed on Loop 101 in Scottsdale specifically at the southbound Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard exit ramp on November 20th around 1:30 p.m. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety the two victims of the collision acquired severe injuries and were in serious condition. They were immediately transported to a local hospital right after the crash. The ramp was temporarily closed because of the accident.

A key reason of the high fatality rate in motorcycle crashes is the failure of motorcyclists to wear helmets. Studies show that in states that the use of helmet is a prerequisite, 98% of motorcyclists wear them. However, states that don’t require their use is only less than half. Arizona does not require licensed motorcyclists over 18 years old to wear helmets, it is a choice left up to the riders. However, please consider that wearing helmets can decrease a motorcyclist’s risk of getting killed by 29%. It can also reduce the danger of obtaining brain injuries by 67%.

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