1 in 5 Drivers Guilty of Drugged-driving in 2009

Researchers from the National Highway Safety Administration reported that there are an increasing number of people driving with drugs in their systems. In fact, 18 percent or 4,000 out of almost 22,000 people killed in car accidents tested positive for drugs in the United States in 2009. The researchers, however, cannot directly link the presence of drugs to being the primary cause of fatal crashes. As Arizona wrongful death attorneys, we try to help the families of these drugged-driver victims by getting them the compensation they deserve. While it will never replace the lost loved one, it helps lessen the financial burden after a death.

The Department of Transportation, on the other hand, published a couple of studies regarding the impact of drugs such as marijuana and cocaine on the performance of drivers. Results showed that marijuana slows down a driver’s perception of time, space, and distance while cocaine causes drivers to speed, change lanes without signaling and puts other innocent people at risk of a deadly accident. (Parents. Anti-Drug, 2003).

One high-profile Phoenix truck accident involving drugs happened in March 2009 when a dump truck driver hit a group of motorcycle riders, killing four people and injuring five others. According to the initial tests conducted, the driver was positive with methamphetamine when the collision happened.

Unlike alcohol which has a legal limit of 0.08 for all 50 states, the authority is still in the process of determining the concentration level at which drugs can impair the judgment of drivers.

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