2-year-old Phoenix Car Accident Victim Survives Internal Decapitation

Days ago, a heartbreaking story of a 2-year-old that was seriously injured in a Phoenix car accident was reported (ABC 15 12/14/2010). The boy suffered from brain damage and internal decapitation and was in a coma after a near-fatal car crash four months ago.

The toddler and his family were involved in a car accident near 67th Avenue and Broadway Road on August 4. His 4-year-old sister and mom were okay but the 2-year old suffered a very serious injury – the ligaments that connect his skull to his spine were completely torn as a result of the impact.

The child underwent emergency surgery and miraculously survived. And just four days after, the 2-year-old opened his eyes and came out of the coma. Today, he has learned how to walk and talk again.

The boy’s survival was a very rare miracle since internal decapitation is usually a fatal injury. But he and his family were very lucky. Everyday, lives are at stake because of negligent, impaired, and distracted drivers. In fact, motor vehicle–related injuries are the leading causes of death for people his age in the United States (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). This has urged the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to give emphasis on child passenger safety by disseminating information on correct child safety seat installations.

As Arizona accident lawyers, we treat child injuries with an exceptional degree of seriousness because we are parents too. If your child, or another child, has suffered a similar misfortune as this boy, our free consultation hotline is open at (602) 267-1280. Give us a call and we are ready to help you.

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