Mesa Motorcycle Accident Leaves 3 Injured

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA-FARS) reported that 5,290 motorcyclists suffered fatal accidents and 96,000 injured in the U.S. in 2008. In Arizona, 133 motorcycle riders lost their lives; 49 percent of which were helmeted and the remaining 51 percent were not. In 2009, 4,595 motorcycles in the United States or 10.1 percent of the total number of vehicles were involved in fatal crashes. This is a scary statistic, and as Mesa motorcycle accident attorneys, we hope Arizona drivers are always on the look out for bikers to help save more lives.

A pair in a motorcycle traveling northbound in Val Vista and McKellips was hit by a car in Mesa, Arizona around 3 p.m. of Friday (AZ Family 11/26/2010). The car, traveling southbound, was driven by an elderly driver. The male and female motorcyclists had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries while the elderly driver was not seriously injured. There was no information whether the two victims riding the motorcycle were wearing helmets or if the car driver was distracted before he or she struck them.

Most elderly drivers are still fully competent drivers because of their longer driving experience. Older drivers typically do not engage in the same risky behaviors as younger drivers, such as texting, drinking and driving, or speeding, so they are very often some of the safest drivers on the roads. However, the effects of aging may be a hindrance in a person’s ability to drive. Changes in vision, physical fitness, and reflexes are just some factors to be taken into consideration by older drivers to stay safe on the road. For drivers who notice these changes, make sure to always wear currently prescribed eyeglasses, do not wear sunglasses at night, and keep your windshields and headlights clean.

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