Scottsdale Accident Injures Motorcycle Officer

Another case of an alcohol-induced vehicle crash was reported last week when a Salt River Police Department motorcycle officer fell victim to a Scottsdale car accident. As reported by AZ Central (12/11/2010) the officer was making a traffic stop on the southbound part of Loop 101 near Thomas Road when he got ran over by an alcohol-impaired driver.

The spokesperson of the Arizona Department of Public Safety said that the officer was approaching a stopped car, when another one, driven by a 21-year-old Mesa woman failed to stop and crashed into them. Both the woman and the driver of the stopped car were unhurt while the officer was taken to a local hospital with serious but non-fatal injuries. The suspect was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in connection with a DUI.

Impaired driving accidents are a major source of traffic deaths all over the United States. In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) reported a total of 33,808 vehicle crash fatalities, 32 percent were caused by alcohol-impaired driving. Though total deaths decreased by more than 3,000 as compared to 2008 data, the percentage of deaths attributed to alcohol-impaired driving rose up by 1 percent.

On a local scale, both Arizona car accident deaths and percentage of which were caused by drunk driving decreased between the two years, from 938 and 28 percent to 807 and 27 percent respectively from 2008 to 2009.

Traffic deaths are decreasing, but not fast enough. If you have been a victim of an alcohol-impaired driver, please consider calling our free consultation hotline at (480) 753-4534.

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