Tempe Light Rail Rear-ends Car

A significant decrease in the number of injuries and fatalities caused by vehicular accidents in Arizona was perceived since the operation of the $1.4 billion light rail transit started in December of 2008. However, this light rail transit which connects Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe also had several train-auto collisions. These collisions have also injured several passengers, light rail riders and auto drivers. Most victims of these kinds of collisions have suffered serious brain and spinal cord injuries.

Another train-auto collision happened on Monday around 9:30 a.m. AZ Central reported that a vehicle collided with the Metro Light Rail in Tempe. The driver from Iowa was making a left turn near Apache Boulevard and Dorsey Lane when he turned into the light rail track.

According to the Tempe Fire Spokesperson, the light rail hit the van from behind. Only the driver was inside the van. On the other hand, the driver and ten passengers of the light rail was relocated after the collision. Fortunately, there were no reported serious injuries or casualties from the incident.

The management decided to take the light rail out of service. The van was taken out of the train path after almost 30 minutes. The incident caused 20-minute delays along the rest of the line. (AZ Central)

Light rail accidents seem quite rare. However, if they do, injuries that a victim might acquire could be much more severe. If you happened to be a victim of light rail, or any vehicular accidents, call us at (480) 753-4534 for your free consultation. We are experienced in fighting for all the compensation you deserve.

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