Train Injures Pedestrian Near Florence

Though accidents on railways may not seem as common as other auto accidents, a significant number of such cases are being reported each year all over the country. Be it due to operator negligence or faulty manufacturing, lives are at stake when train accidents happen. The Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis reported a total of 1,894 total train accidents excluding highway-rail from January to December of 2009, 17 of which occurred in Arizona. These numbers are proof of the need to raise concerns regarding the safety of our railway system.

Just recently, a teenager was reported to have been hit by a train near Florence, 8:20 am Tuesday (AZ Central, pub. 12/07/10). It appears that the 16-year-old did not hear nor see the train while walking along the side of the railroad. In what seemed to have been a fatal accident, the teenager somehow managed to get himself up and walk away.

Union Pacific Railway dispatch then notified the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office regarding the said incident. He was given emergency treatment at the scene and was later airlifted to Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix.

Remarkably, the boy was responsive and walking around when the deputies arrived, after being tossed by the train traveling at 50mph.

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