Woman Struck by Car While Riding Bike in Gilbert

This past year has resulted in a startling number of bike accidents. As revealed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 51,000 cases of bicycling injuries from motor vehicle traffic accidents were reported all over the country. Bicyclist deaths involving motor vehicle crashes reached 630. Although lower than the 716 deaths recorded in the previous year, the numbers are still staggering, and raise safety concerns from the bicycling community.

Just last week, an east valley bike accident left a 20-year-old woman pinned under a car in Gilbert (AZ Family 12/09/2010). The woman was about to cross the street near Val Vista Drive and Baseline Road when she was hit by a car. Though hurt, she was talking at the scene according to the Gilbert Fire Department and was later airlifted to a local hospital.

Though the victim was lucky to have survived what could have been a fatal accident, she likely faces extensive treatment to help her recover from her serious injuries. The same is true with the thousands of people who have been involved in such accidents. Sometimes these effects are life changing.

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