3 Pedestrians, Including Two Children Seriously Injured in Phoenix

Every year, over 630 children die in pedestrian accidents (Safe Kids USA 2009). Nearly 40,000 additional children suffer injuries as pedestrians every year as well. While 83% of fatal child pedestrian accidents occur at non-intersection locations, crosswalks, parking lots, and driveways are very common injury locations and are where most children ages 0-2 years old suffer pedestrian injuries (Safe Kids USA 2009).

Two toddlers, less than 2 years old, and their mother, all suffered very serious injuries when they were hit by a car on Sunday evening (Arizona Republic via AZ Central 1/9/11). The mother was pushing the children in a stroller across the street when a driver, who claims to not have seen the family, hit them. Authorities do not suspect the driver to have been impaired. Additional details surrounding the accident are still being investigated.

It is possible that this negligent driver was distracted at the time he or she hit this young mother and her babies. Did you know that distracted drivers take an additional 100 feet to stop (Safe Kids USA 2009)? That is an extremely large distance and could cause very serious injury or death! But 100 extra feet is only if the driver is distracted for 3 seconds before an obstacle arises. Add an extra second or two and the possibility for serious injury rises significantly. Please keep this in mind as you drive on Arizona’s roadways, or walk on the sidewalks. A text is not worth taking your own or someone else’s life.

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