Man in Critical Condition after being Hit by Pickup Truck in Avondale

Did you know that there were 17,902 fatal light truck accidents in 2009? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (NHTSA-FARS), this number is equivalent to 39.4 percent of the total crashes by vehicle type. In Arizona, 395 light trucks or 39.2 percent were involved in fatal crashes.

Such a staggering number of fatalities is not something to be neglected. Despite efforts to avoid or prevent accidents, they unfortunately still happen, just like one incident in Avondale last Wednesday when a 32-year old male pedestrian was struck by a Dodge pickup on Wednesday (AZ Central 01/26/2011). The victim was hit on Avondale Boulevard near Roosevelt Street.

The man was seen standing on the raised median before he stepped into traffic. The first vehicle successfully maneuvered and went around him but, the Dodge hit him.

The woman who was driving the car stated that she did not see the man crossing until he was right in front of her. The impact of the crash was so great that the victim was thrown into the air and landed around 40 feet away.

The man was breathing but unresponsive. He was airlifted to a Phoenix Hospital in critical condition where he remains still. He suffered severe injuries on the right side of his head, right arm, leg, and torso.

Traffic authorities always remind us to follow speed limits, traffic rules, and to refrain from distracted and impaired driving to prevent such tragic accidents. These reminders are not only for drivers but for pedestrians as well. Sometimes pedestrians may feel like oncoming drivers see them and acknowledge them, when in actuality they do not. Please take extra caution when you are both the pedestrian and the driver to watch out for each other.

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