Tempe Rollover Accident Injures 1, Child Unharmed

Rollover accidents can be some of the deadliest and ugliest car accidents seen on the roadways. Over 10,000 lives were claimed by rollover accidents in the past year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is more deadly than frontal, rear, or side crashes and can cause major head injuries or worse, death.

A Tempe rollover accident last Monday caused part of Loop 101 to close. AZ Central reported that the driver and her 4-year old boy wrecked their four-door Kia sedan for unknown reasons. The rollover details have not yet been released, but luckily, the woman was taken to the hospital with only some non-life-threatening injuries while the 4-year old boy was not injured.

In most cases, the instability of a vehicle while turning is the primary reason for a rollover. Thus, latest models of SUV and minivans have counter measures such as rollover stability control systems installed in them which help prevent roll-over accidents. Moreover, regardless of which type of vehicle you are driving, basic safety procedures should always be practiced, like wearing your seatbelt, since these procedures can minimize injuries. For parents, it is vital and it is the law to have child safety seats for children and to ensure that they are properly installed. It is likely that this young toddler was uninjured because his safety seat kept him secured when the car rolled over.

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