150 lbs of Drugs Found After Vehicle Chase

20 percent of crashes in the United Stated are caused by drugged driving (Stop Drugged Driving). This accounts for roughly 8,600 deaths, 580,000 injuries and $33 billion in damages every year. In a national survey conducted by the NHTSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System, it was reported that drugs were present more than 7 times as frequently as alcohol among weekend nighttime drivers in the U.S., with 16% testing positive for drugs, compared to 2% testing at or above the legal limit for alcohol. .

Drugged driving or driving under the influence of any drug, whether illegal, over-the-counter or prescription medications, poses dangers on the same level as drunk driving because there is always a risk that they may be misused and as a result, impair the normal brain functions. In fact, the elimination of drugged driving on the highways is deemed to be a national priority.

In Buckeye, four Hispanic males were taken into custody by the Department of Safety officers after a high-speed chase Wednesday morning (AZ Family 02/23/11). The chase began near the Buckeye area when the officer attempted to pull-over a white Pontiac due to a traffic violation. But the driver of the car did not stop. The pursuit ended on eastbound I-10 just east of Dysart Road.

The officers also recovered an estimated 150 pounds of marijuana inside the car. Further investigations are being conducted to know whether the driver was on drugs at the time of the chase, and the exact amount of the narcotics.

One effective policy to effectively prevent drugged driving is the “per se” standard. Approximately one-third of the states have adopted this policy, which says that any detectable amount of a controlled substance in a driver’s body fluids constitutes per se evidence of a violation of “drugged driving.”

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