Drunk Driver Causes Serious Injury Crash on Carefree Highway

Despite persistent awareness campaigns and advocacy groups, alcohol continues to be a main reason for fatal car accidents. All over the world, fatal car accidents are said to be caused largely by alcohol influenced-drivers. In the U.S. alone, alcohol related car crashes comprise 22% of all major causes of car wrecks. Drivers in these situations are reported to have had the alcohol content of at least 0.8 in their blood stream.

A recent occurrence that attests to this fact happened in Phoenix. Carefree Highway, between Seventh and 23rd avenue, was closed off to westbound drivers last Wednesday morning due to a two-car collision.

At 12:40 a.m. a 39-year old woman was driving her 2005 Mitsubishi west in the eastbound lanes of the divided highway, when it clashed with a 22 year-old woman’s 2005 Kia Spectra.
The woman in the Kia was reported to have been immediately airlifted to a local hospital upon obtaining life-threatening injuries from the collision. She continues to be under extremely critical condition. The woman driving the Mitsubishi also suffered serious injuries, luckily they were not life threatening.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department reported that investigators believed alcohol to be a major cause of the collision. Aerial footage of the wreck showed badly smashed cars and scattered debris blocking the roadway.

Did you know that even one drink is enough to impair your driving ability? While the legal blood-alcohol concentration level is .08, even a BAC of .04-.06 can result in impairment of reasoning, memory, and lower your cautiousness (Brad21.org). Behavior is also intensified at this BAC level, resulting in exaggerated actions. When behind the wheel, drivers must have complete control over their reasoning and behaviours—anything less than complete control can result in a deadly mistake.

Indeed fatal car accidents are terribly unfortunate, and as Arizona car accident attorneys we see too many of them every day. If you have lost a family member due to the negligence of a drunk driver, please don’t hesitate to call us to get your questions answered in a free consultation at (602) 267-1280.

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