Mesa Multi-Car Accident Blocks Traffic on Westbound 202

Traffic goers on the Loop 202 were met with heavy traffic Monday morning as a result of a Mesa car accident involving three vehicles according to DPS (AZ Central 1/31/2011).

According to reports, the car collision, which blocked the right lane of traffic on the westbound of Loop 202 happened just before 7 a.m. and was only reopened after 7:35 a.m. Luckily, no one was hurt in the accident, but no further details were available at the time.

Aside from taking away millions of lives each year and leaving even more people injured, motor vehicle crashes are also notorious for being very costly, both to consumers and the government. According to AAA, a motorist safety advocacy group, car crashes cost Americans $164.2 billion each year (via CNN Money 03/05/2008). This includes costs for medical care, emergency and police services, property damage, lost productivity and quality of life.

To avoid finding yourself as another victim in a car accident, take note and be wary of the most common factors that lead to crashes, including distracted driving (i.e. using your cell phone while driving, eating while driving, or rubbernecking), and impaired driving.

Alcohol impaired driving is historically a major cause of fatal car crashes on U.S. roadways every year. In 2009, 32 percent or nearly ten thousand out of 30,797 reported fatal crashes involved an alcohol impaired driver. Thousands of lives could have been saved if these negligent drivers did not get behind the wheel.

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