1 Dead in Glendale Truck Accident

The 2010 statistics for semi truck, tractor-trailer, and commercial vehicle accidents in the U.S. have been released. Over 500,000 large truck and commercial vehicles were involved in accidents; with over 100,000 people getting seriously injured. Over 5,000 people died in these crashes. The numbers for these types of accidents continue to go up today (insurancenewsnet.com). These statistics were compared to only 3,200 deaths involving large trucks in 2009 (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

In Glendale, a man was killed when the vehicle he was driving rear-ended a Dodge pick-up truck, then swerved and hit a semi trailer before swerving into the desert (abc15.com 3/3/11). When the police arrived, they declared the driver of the car dead on the scene. The vehicle’s passenger was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Glendale was closed between Dysart and El Mirage due to this accident.

There are thousands of reports of car accidents with fatalities each year. As the number of vehicles increase, the chances of these kinds of accidents will also increase. Drivers need to be more responsible when driving, by driving at a safe speed, avoiding distractions, and staying alert. Vehicle crashes are not only tragic but often result in high costs to the public.

Car accidents like this often leave devastating results especially if a loved one is involved. For a free consultation regarding car accidents and their consequences, lawyers are available at (602) 267-1280. We may be able to help.

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