2 Seriously Injured in Glendale Truck Accident

Safe Kids USA, an organization working towards preventing unintentional child injuries, revealed that motor vehicle crashes ranks first in leading causes of unintentional injury and deaths among children below 14 years old in the United States.

Every year, there are over 3,000 large trucks involved in fatal crashes nationwide (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2009). Arizona alone lost 67 lives to fatal truck accidents in 2009. Out of the 67 fatal accidents, 18 trucks were involved in single-vehicle crashes and 49 were involved in multiple-vehicle crashes.

Two people were seriously injured and hospitalized as a result of an accident in Glendale on Wednesday night (AZ Central 3/2/11). The incident started when the driver of a landscaping truck with a trailer came to a stop near 47th and Olive avenues to avoid hitting a person, who was at that time, crossing the street. Due to the sudden stop, a silver car carrying two women and a young boy struck the trailer. Then another car rear-ended the silver car. The driver of the silver car was critically injured, and the boy who was with her had to be extricated from the car, suffering life-threatening injuries.

Many studies have been done on child fatalities, and sadly, car crashes have been found to be the number one killer of children in the country, over and over again. As parents, we don’t want to see this trend continue. There are many safety precautions to take to protect your children in the car—most important is the appropriate child seat. Children should ride in car or booster seats until they reach 80-100 pounds or 8-12 years of age. Take the time to make sure your child’s seat is properly installed; an incorrect installation renders the seat useless in a crash. Free car seat checks are available all over the valley: Visit www.seatcheck.org to find a location near you.

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