Car Collision in Mesa landed One 18-year-old Woman To The Hospital

Car Collision in Mesa landed One 18-year-old Woman To The Hospital

Most of the time, children are helpless when a vehicular accident occurs. The children would normally rely on their parents or the driver’s assistance to escape the vehicle. This leads to approximately 250,000 children every year being injured in car accidents recorded by The National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA). On average, around 2,000 children die due to the car accident. As a result, 5% of the total fatalities from car accidents are children.

Recently in Mesa, a 26 year-old woman, a 4 year-old boy, and two other small children were involved in a two-car accident that the sent the driver of the other vehicle to the hospital. The accidents happened because the minivan containing the three children and the 26 year-old turned on a yellow light the same time the 18 year-old driver of the other car was entering the intersection.

The 18 year-old girl was taken to the hospital, but she did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. The 4-year old child suffered minor abrasions and was treated at the scene. The child only experienced minor injuries because he was properly restrained in a safety seat.

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the fatality risk for children from car accidents has lowered by 71% for babies and 54% for toddlers aging from 1-4 years old. The decline in fatalities has been due in part to the proper installation of car seats. It is important to remember to purchase a new safety seat after you have been involved in an accident to ensure it is in working condition.

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