Female Pedestrian Critically Injured in Phoenix Accident

Over the years, pedestrian fatalities have accounted for a large portion of total traffic-related fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found nearly 175,000 pedestrians were killed in all motor vehicle crashes. Studies also revealed that 90 percent of all pedestrian fatalities were the result of single vehicle crashes.

There were 69,000 pedestrians who suffered injuries in traffic crashes in 2008 and nearly 5,000 were killed. In 2009, the NHTSA reported that 4,092 pedestrians were killed nationwide, 120 of these were from Arizona. In fact, Arizona was ranked 8th highest in terms of Pedestrian Fatality Rate per 100,000 Population among all other states at 1.82.

In Phoenix, a woman was confirmed to be in extreme critical condition after being hit by a car around 6:50 a.m. on Friday (AZ Central 3/11/11). The accident happened at 32nd Street near Indian School Road when the victim ran across the street and a mid-1990’s Nissan struck her. Police believe that the victim crossed the street when the traffic light was red. Further investigation has shown that the driver of the car was not impaired when the accident occurred.

While on the road, we not only have the responsibility for our own safety but also for others. Pedestrians as well as drivers must follow the laws on the road to avoid fatal accidents. One important safety tip for pedestrians is to stay on sidewalks and use crosswalks instead of walking in the road. It is also important to take action by reporting suspected impaired drivers and speeding cars to avoid fatal accidents.

Pedestrians involved in motor vehicle accidents may be eligible for compensation under the law. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a serious accident, call us at (480) 753-4534 for your free consultation.

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