Phoenix Collision Leads to a Driver’s Escape

A Phoenix motorcycle accident happened around 1am last Friday morning. Motorcycle accidents happen very frequently all around the world. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 51,000 bikers injured during 2009. Preventive measures have been implemented by the authorities to ensure safe travel among road users. Public warnings, public awareness, educational programs and police visibilities on the road are just a few of the preventive measures to try to prevent motorcycle accidents.

The motorcycle accident that happened last Friday involved a police chase. The chase began when the motorcyclist refused to stop when an officer in a patrol car was initiating a traffic stop. In an attempt to run over the driver, the officer drove around the corner of Greenway Road and 40th street. The motorcycle driver ran through the parking lot of a Quiktrip gas station. The motorcycle driver got in the path of an incoming cruiser and crashed into it.

Both ways from Greenway Road up to the next minor street to the south were temporarily closed due to the accident and for investigation purposes. The driver sustained broken bones and currently is recovering in the hospital according to Phoenix police. Fatal crashes and injuries can be prevented if only all road users follow traffic laws and rules of the road. Be considerate and show courtesy to other road users like the presence of police and pedestrians.

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