Truck Roll-Over Injures Driver

In 2009, there were 3,215 fatal crashes involving large trucks, accounting for 7.1 percent of all fatal accidents in the United States (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). In most cases, fatal truck accidents occurred in rural areas and only 1 percent were DUI-related. On the other hand, truck driver fatigue is a major cause of fatal truck accidents. In fact, research showed that 30% of all truck crashes were a result of truck drivers driving without taking enough rest and getting the required amount of sleep.

In Arizona, only 67 large trucks or 6.6 percent out of 1,008 vehicles were involved in fatal crashes in 2009. From this total number, 8 resulted in roll over and 14 resulted in a fire. Large truck accidents in Arizona are the second most infrequent type of accident, next to buses, according to data from NHTSA-FARS.

A truck accident occurred last Tuesday night in Tempe (KPHO 02/22/11). According to reports, a FedEx truck tipped over near Broadway Road and McClintock Drive in Tempe. Fortunately, the impact of the accident was not intense, so the driver only suffered minor injuries according to the officers.

As per the initial investigation, the load in the truck might be the cause of the accident. Witnesses say the truck was turning slowly before it tipped over. The load likely shifted and threw the truck’s weight distribution off, causing it to tip.

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