3 People Injured in Phoenix Pit Bull Attacks

Two separate incidents involving pit bull attacks were reported earlier this week leaving three people with Phoenix dog bite injuries and another dog so seriously hurt that it had to be put down (AZ Central 03/22/2011).

According to reports, a blind 12-year old Schnauzer-Chihuahua mix was left alone in the front yard of a home in near Interstate 17 and Union Hills Drive for a few minutes when it was attacked by white and brown pit bulls.

After hearing her pet dog bark and yelp, the woman came to check and saw what was happening. Her husband came rushing in to get their pet but was bitten in the face. Their 20-year-old son came to help as well but was also suffered a dog bite to the leg.

The two pit bulls ran away shortly after the scuffle and were later captured by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control within the area.

The 12-year-old dog suffered fatal injuries and it had to be put to sleep as a result. The family was saddened by the loss of their pet.

It was later confirmed that another person fell victim to the same dogs and was sent to the hospital after acquiring minor injuries.

The pit bulls are quarantined for 10 days to find out if they have rabies. If not claimed after, they will have to be put down as well, being too dangerous to be adopted.

Dogs are territorial animals and have the tendency to bite unwelcomed guests. Loose dogs present new threats as they may approach any territory unexpectedly. If you spot a loose dog, do not approach it; contact Animal Control as soon as possible and get to somewhere the dog can not reach you. No matter the age, breed, or size of the dog, if it is unfamiliar to you, let it be.

Dog bites can lead to very serious physical and emotional injuries, especially for children. For victims of Arizona dog attacks, we are available at (480) 753-4534 for a free consultation.

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