Cell Phone Usage Suspected for San Tan Car Accident

The use of cell phones has been rapidly increasing over the years, but unfortunately so are the mobile phone related and distracted driving car accidents. Did you know that cell phone usage is the second major reason for car accidents all over the U.S.? In 2009 alone, there are about 5,474 people who were killed and another 448,000 were injured in the U.S. because of road accidents involving distracted driving.

Just last Monday in San Tan Valley, a 39-year old woman was heavily injured in a rollover car accident. Investigators are now looking into a possibility of cell phone use as the cause of the accident. Evidence suggests that the woman, unidentified until now, was apparently on her phone while on her way east to Hunt Highway when her car drifted to the right of the roadway and rolled. Immediately after, she was flown to Scottsdale Osborne Hospital where her condition has not yet been verified.

Studies have shown that more than about 200 million people in America are cell phone subscribers. Of them, about 85% report using their cell phones while driving their cars. This is quite an alarming statistic as it continually increases every year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute, about 448,000 were injured in 2009 in vehicular accidents that involved mobile phone use.

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