Extrication Needed for Serious Car Accident During Rush Hour

Did you know that there were 30,797 cases of motor vehicle crashes and 33,808 cases of traffic fatalites in United States for 2009? Based on the research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA-FARS), the United States has witnessed a slight decline in the number of fatal crashes in 2009. Despite the decline, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, still considers motor vehicle crashes to be the leading cause of death especially among the 5-34 age group. If not prevented, car crashes are expected to become the third most serious threat to human health by 2020.

Meanwhile, an estimated 17,902 light trucks were involved in fatal crashes in 2009, 375 of which occurred in Arizona. This is equivalent to 39.4 percent of the total crashes by vehicle type.

On Thursday morning, an accident occurred on Bell Road near 33rd Avenue (AZ Family 3/24/11). A white sedan and a red pickup truck were involved in an accident which blocked the eastbound lanes of Bell Road during rush hour.

Investigations show that a 50-year old man, who was in the white sedan, suffered non-life threatening injuries. Meanwhile, the driver of the red pick-up was just shaken up. The cause of the crash was not stated.

There are a number of contributing factors which can cause fatal car accidents. Two of which are distracted driving and alcohol-impaired driving. As pointed out earlier, the total number of fatal car accidents has declined over the years. Let us all continue to become more vigilant and preventive when it comes to traffic accidents and safety.

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