Police Officers’ SUV Collides with Sedan in North Phoenix

In 2009, traffic accidents resulted in the deaths of 33,808 Americans. Of these fatalities, 807 were Arizonians. There are many types of Arizonan traffic accidents, some involving pedestrians, others may involve fixed objects, or animals. However, in Arizona, 31.3% of the total fatal crashes are vehicle to vehicle.

In North Phoenix, a collision involving two police officers and a woman resulted in the hospitalization of all parties involved. The officers were travelling in a SUV, going south on 7th Street near Northern Avenue. The female driver, driving a silver sedan, made a turn in front of them. One of the officers said the turn caused their SUV to crash straight into a palm tree.

Luckily, the Arizona SUV collision resulted in no fatal injuries, however the front end of the woman’s car was heavily damaged after smashing into the rear end of the police SUV. The minor injuries of the two officers and the woman were then treated at a hospital close by.

Car accidents claim the lives of many Americans, and the importance of safe driving can never be stressed enough. Although the number of fatalities due to traffic accidents in Arizona has decreased from 2008 to 2009 by 14%, the fact still remains that in 2009, 807 Arizonians lost their lives from car crashes that left incurable wounds in the hearts of their friends and family who remain.

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