Preventing Teens from Distracted Driving

Statistics show that vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among American teens. Most of these fatalities were caused by reckless driving, drunk driving or distracted driving. Teens are unfortunately at a higher risk of being involved in a car accident. The National Young Driver Survey found that 20 percent of 11th graders have had at least one crash for the past year and 3 percent have had about 2. The fatality rate of drivers age 16 to 19 is four times higher than that of drivers age 25 to 69.

Because of this, the Arizona Highway Patrol Association (AHPA) in collaboration with Impact Teen Drivers, arranged a public awareness program that aims to educate teens on the dangers of drunk, reckless, or distracted driving. These sponsors are in charge of giving educational materials not only to teens, but to parents, teachers and members of the community as well. The program also let teens experience real-time driving scenarios. The experience is kept in a controlled, safe environment at a track at Avondale Toyota/Scion.

Indeed this event is helpful in educating teens about the dangers of distracted driving to help reduce these incidents in Arizona. Another effort to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving is the American Lawyer Academy’s Viral Video Scholarship contest, for which the Husband and Wife Law Team is the Southwest regional sponsor. Students were instructed to create a video enforcing safe driving habits to enter for a chance to win up to a $10,000 scholarship. Videos are open to public voting today! Cast your vote every day to help your favorite video!

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