HB 2137 to Increase Owner Penalties in Arizona Dog Attacks

Responsible dog ownership is a must in order to prevent Arizona dog bite injuries. A dog bite injury can become fatal if left untreated. But aside from being a possible threat to human health, unattended dogs can be a problem to other pets as well.

In an effort to encourage responsible ownership, a new Arizona law has been passed increasing the penalty for owners in dog on dog attacks (AZ Family 04/20/2011). Lawmakers were able to pass the new law, which took years to make, just before the deadline.

A driving force in the passing of the legislation was a Glendale couple whose pet dog was killed by a pit bull. No penalties were served to the owner of the pit bull which attacked and killed their pet.

The attack happened in September of 2009, killing their miniature poodle. The owner of the attacking dog only received a leash law violation as consequence because no humans were harmed in the attack.

After hearing a similar incident, the couple decided to do something to encourage a new law regarding dog on dog attacks. They started sending flyers and created a website in honor of their late dog where visitors can leave their message of support.

Now, the couple is thankful that state lawmakers have finally pushed through with a bill that increases penalties for dog-on-dog attacks.

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