Phoenix Man Speaks Out After Pit Bull Attack

Did you know that there are around 800,000 dog bites every year and that one out of every six of them results in needing medical attention? As a result, approximately 368,000 people were sent to the emergency room of a hospital.

After being hospitalized, the Phoenix dog owner of “Baby,” speaks of the incident that took place days ago. He recalled that two pit bulls were literally chewing on his pet dog. After seeing this event, he then formulated a plan to help her.

The plan was to get those two pit bulls off his pet one by one. As soon as he took the first pit bull off his dog, it went after him and bit him in the face. He then pushed it away, but it went for his arm. He managed to hit one of the dogs after taking the other dog off of his arm. He hit the dog as hard as he could with his bare hands.

After the Phoenix dog attack incident, the man realized he suffered serious injuries, and went to the hospital—he needed reconstructive surgery on his face as the bites had severed an artery. Unfortunately Baby did not survive her injuries. The two pit bulls are expected to be put down after being detained by Animal Control.

Dog bites are dangerous, and could lead to fatalities. It is important to remember to avoid approaching an unfamiliar dog, and if it approaches you, try not to do anything to excite it. Running away is sometimes the worst thing you could do because it invites the dog to chase you. Try ignoring the dog and walking away calmly, which should help the dog lose interest and move on. Then call animal control.

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