Two Dead, Two More Hurt in Tucson Rollover Accident

A rollover leaves two people dead and two others injured about 20 miles south of Tucson (KPHO 5/15/2011). According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the accident happened around 1 p.m. Sunday on northbound Interstate 19. Injured victims were airlifted to a local hospital for treatment.

Authorities have not released the cause of the Tucson auto accident.

Over the years, car accidents have become one of the major causes of deaths for people. Car accident deaths reach more than a million each year all over the world and leaving millions more injured (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This shows how road safety continues to be a global problem.

There are more alarming conclusions that the CDC has drawn out. According to their report, car accidents are expected to become the third most serious threat to human health by year 2020. Crashes have also become the leading cause death for people aged 15 to 29 years.

In the U.S., despite a very active campaign against road accidents, our roadways witness at least 30,000 deaths each year. In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that traffic deaths reached 33,808, which was actually the lowest in recent years.

Not surprisingly, 32 percent of these deaths involved an alcohol impaired driver despite a very vigilant force against drunk driving.

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